Night Fantasy

  • Title: Night Fantasy

  • Artist:Leonid Afremov
  • Date: Unknown                                                                      
  • Material: Palette knife oil painting on canvas
  • Size: 30” X 36”
  • This piece of art is a beautiful painting that was created for the intent of pleasure, romance and beauty. The picture is loaded with colors, texture, movement and emotion. The use of oil painting is what makes this piece so incredibly gorgeous and unique. 
  • Leonid Afremov was born on July 12th, 1955 in Vitebsk, Belarus, he is a modern impressionistic artist who predominantly works with a palette knife and oils. Afremov is most commonly known as being a self-representing artist who promotes and sells his work exclusively over the internet with very little exhibitions and involvement of galleries.He paints mainly landscape, city scenes, seascapes, flowers and portraits. The majority of his artwork is considered to be very colorful and unique.
  •  This piece is extremely appealing to me as it is completely unique, beautiful and very eye catching. This painting makes me feel very happy as the colors really reflect positive emotions. I chose this painting because i couldn’t resist its attractiveness, there is also a romantic feel in the painting that really pulled at my heart strings.
  • References:



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