Famous Fruit Paintings Fruit

  • Title: Fruit
  • Artist: William Henry Hunt
  • Date: unknown
  • Material: Water color on paper
  • Size: 216 x 273 mm
  • Fruit Painting Fruit was painted by William Henry Hunt. This still life painting was created with a  special technique that was essential for Hunt’s fruit pieces and bird’s nests, which became greatly esteemed by collectors. He devised a new process which involved mixing gum with Chinese white and laying this as a hard priming on which he would then paint in pure water color. This enabled him to obtain the much admired ‘bloom’ on peaches, plums and grapes.
  • William was a resident of London and was apprenticed in about 1805 to John Varley, the landscape-painter, with whom he remained five or six years. He exhibited three oil pictures at the Royal Academy in 1807. He became connected with the Society of Painters in Water Colors at its beginning, and was elected an associate in 1824 and a full member in 1827. Until the year of his death, he was one of the most prolific contributors to the Society’s exhibitions.  He died of Apoplexy.
  • I chose this painting because the method that William used to make it was so interesting and the outcome was even more breathtaking. The texture and reality in the fruit makes the painting look like it is right in front of you. The colors used in the painting are also very intriguing and well used. William Henry Hunt is a very talented painter in my opinion and his work deserves to be appreciated.
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