Hand of Peace

Kusadasi  -  The  Hand  of  Peace  Monument  (28.06.12.)
  • Title: Hand of Peace
  • Artist: Unknown
  • Date: Unknown
  • Material: White stone
  • The meaning full sculpture is located in Turkey, Kusadasi.
  • The hand of peace sculpture with doves on the waterfront . Kusadasi is a coastal resort town in the Aydin province of Aegean west coast Turkey. The town’s name, meaning ‘Bird Island’ is taken from the island was a much-frequented resting place of birds during seasonal migrations. The city’s popularity is due to its excellent shopping opportunities and to its close proximity to the famous ancient Greco-Roman sights of Ephesus, Priene, Didyma and Miletus.
  • I chose this work of art because I believe that there is a lot of meaning and thought behind its creation. The sculpture represents peace, simplicity, and caring for the environment and it is presented in such a beautiful way. The contrast between the black and white is very simple yet eye catching, and I believe that it portrays meaning that even though we are different from birds and other wildlife, that we need to support each other, just like the birds are supported by the hand.
  • Reference: http://steven-sklifas.photoshelter.com/gallery/Turkey-Kusadasi-images/G00005S7W76jlIA8/C0000MblPdE2xQpg




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