Junk Elf

  • Title: Junk Elf
  • Artist: Tom Samui
  • Date: Unknown
  • Material: Scrap metal
  • Size: Approximately 4 feet
  • This elf is created using old car parts, Samui reportedly goes to the junkyard once a month and picks up a truck load of recycled metal and old car parts. This and other took about 400 hours to create. These artistic creations are both beautiful works of art and a reminder to us that we should be mindful of what we throw to waste and how we do it. The challenge: make an effort to recycle a higher percentage of your waste.
  • Samui, an artist from Switzerland, is a master craftsman in the world of turning scrap metal into gorgeous figures of art. For more than ten years, Samui and his team have been creating hundreds of sculptures from old and used car and motorcycle parts and other metal pieces one would find in a junk yard.
  • The Reason I chose this sculpture is because it is made from such unique material and for an artist to be able to turn what some people consider garbage into a work of art is a true talent. The final product is very pretty and well done, there is a lot of detail and although there is a lack of color, the sculpture still has a sense of emotion.
  • References: http://www.buzzfeed.com/hannahwhittenly/10-famous-sculptures-made-of-recycled-metals-mdwq

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