Blue Barns

  • Title: Blue Barns
  • Artist: Lawrie Dignan
  • Date: 2010
  • Material: Pen and Ink
  • Size: 6” X 9”
  • This work of art is a beautiful pen and ink image. The original pen and ink image is taken from a memory of a group of barns near Lavington, B.C. circa 1970’s. This entire image is comprised of tiny little dots  that come together to form an image of blue colored barns in a landscape.
  • Born in Victoria B.C., he is a self-taught artist using a pen and ink technique which has evolved from years working as a technical draftsman in British Columbia’s civil service. In 1990, he apprenticed with a stained glass artisan who would become his mentor. This relationship had a very positive influence on his artwork as it encouraged, supported and gave him the confidence to explore his own direction in drawing with pen & ink.
  • I chose this image because it is a very time consuming medium for art, pen and ink. The time put into this work of art deserves to be appreciated as each and every detail in the image is a singe dot, that eventualy all together created a beautiful image. The colors are very simple yet very effective and there is a very good 3D effect within the barns that make the image very intriguing.
  • References: 

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