Bow Lake

  • Title: Bow Lake
  • Artist: Justin Beckett
  • Date: Unknown
  • Material: Acrylic Paint
  • Size: 12” X 16”
  • This painting is an acrylic painting of a beautiful landscape. This painting is of The Canadian Rocky Mountains, surrounded by spectacular mountains at a epic scale. For approximately one week, the artist and a friend were adventuring the Rockies to find the perfect image to capture, and so they succeeded.
  • Justin Beckett is a professional Canadian Painter and was born in Vancouver, B.C.
    Canada in 1986. He is a self taught artist, having always drawn from a very young age and continuing to teach himself. Most importantly Justin Beckett has adapted his own style, and learned a great deal by learning to paint, by painting. Beckett is inspired by an array of different subjects, mostly inspired by life itself, and the way light can change the simplest of things, into the most magnificent. He has a keen eye and searches for beauty in everyday life, and has the deepest appreciation for nature
  • I chose this painting because i really liked the look and the texture of it. I adore a good landscape painting and when i seen the uniqueness of this particular one i could resist. The fact that he painted this right in front of the Rockies themselves and was able to capture every detail is magnificent.
  • References: 

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