Dark Intent

  • Title: Dark Intent- Black Panther
  • Artist: Rikki Fisher
  • Date: Unknown
  • Material: Scratchboard
  • Size: 9 X 12
  • International Award winning artist Rikki Fisher, lives in the beautiful Nimbin Valley in northern New South Wales Australia, with an arts practice influenced by her passion for wildlife.
    Upon completing a Diploma in Art and Design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Victoria, Rikki began working as a Graphic Designer. At the height of her career she managed her own graphic design studio in Melbourne for 20 years. Upon selling the business in 2005 she was now determined to concentrate on her own artwork and refine her skills as an artist.
  • Working with a variety of media, much of Rikki’s work has focused on the richness of Australian bird life. In 2012 after a trip to East Africa, Rikki’s focus changed to African animals and works in the medium of ‘scratchboard’ to striking effect. Rikki has won National and International awards for her work and is recognised Internationally as a Master Scratchboard Artist (MSA). She conducts Scratchboard workshops for artists and teaches adult drawing classes for ‘Absolute Beginners’
  • I chose this work of art because it is a unique medium that i really enjoy. While using a scratch board it is a lot of fun but also very difficult to get a lot of detail, but Rikki did an extremely good job at achieving that. I love the texture and mysterious feel to the picture. The eyes on the panther are particularly beautiful.
  • References: 
  • http://www.scratchboardsociety.com/
  • http://www.rikkifisher.com/index.php/gallery

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