Grand Piano and Violin

The Piano House — Anhui, China

  • Title: Grand Piano and Violin
  • Artists: Architectural students
  • Date: 2007
  • Material: Glass and cement
  • Size: Unknown
  • The name is self-explanatory – the building is shaped like a giant piano with a grand glass violin for an entrance. The open top of the piano serves as a canopy for the home’s roof terrace.
  • Located in Huainan, China and built in 2007 by architectural students at Hefei University of Technology, this is truly, well, captivating. According to Architizer, you access the body of the building (the piano) via escalators inside the glass violin. There is no information stating why this building was made but, for the purpose of expressing music.
  • I chose this work of art because it is very interesting to me and i was interested to find out more information about it. I think that it is very beautiful and it really expressed the beauty of music. The glass material gives it a very elegant and classy feel, and the fact that it is a home is mind blowing.
  • References:

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